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CLAUDIA | Colombia

"I Have Met My Lord in Prison"

In her hometown community of San José de Uré, Colombia, Claudia is known as a hardworking woman who strives to provide for her children. When Claudia was hired as a housekeeper for a farm managed by a criminal of the Criminal Gangs (BACRIM), the Colombian law enforcement authorities saw her as a member of the Criminal Gangs illegal armed group. Claudia was arrested and sent to prison. She has served a year.

Claudia lives to support her family and being in prison is excruciatingly difficult, but Claudia found hope and a purpose to her time in prison.

She met Jesus through The Prisoner’s Journey in-prison evangelism and discipleship program.

“Despite the distress you live [while] in prison, Jesus has made my time here make sense; I have met my Lord in prison. May God bless all those people who have Jesus in their hearts through The Prisoner’s Journey  throughout the world,” said Claudia.

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