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Donations help prisoners go through The Prisoner's Journey®, a program that introduces them to the light and hope of Christ - changing them, and prisons, from the inside out.

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With a monthly gift, you can introduce new prisoners to Jesus every single month! And donors like you love this option because it is easy to budget and increases their impact.

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Become a Lamplighter

Supporting a prisoner shines a light of hope into a world of darkness and despair.

Do you believe that the lost and forgotten of this world deserve a new chance at an abundant life? Your passion and curiosity have brought you to the right place. A light shines in the darkness, and the darkness will not overcome it. A Lamplighter knows the power that one person possesses to make a difference. One by one, course by course, prison by prison, and out into the community is how your giving creates a ripple effect for change.

Join the movement to share light and hope, today.

More Ways to Make An Impact


Sponsor One Prisoner

Your donation will enroll and support a prisoner in participating in the tranformative program called The Prisoner's Journey® where they can learn about Jesus the Prisoner and experience a change of heart.

Donate $15

Sponsor an Entire Class

With a one-time gift or monthly donation of $165 you can ensure that an entire group of 11 prisoners have access to and can participate in The Prisoner's Journey® program.

Donate $165

A Father's Story

A Father's Story

What is The Prisoner's Journey®?

An 8-week in-prison course where prisoners come face to face with Jesus, who was once a prisoner himself
Prisoners are invited to a promotional event at which they watch a powerful video introducing them to Jesus the Prisoner. They are then invited to attend the eight-week course of The Prisoner’s Journey.
Throughout eight weekly sessions, prisoners meet in groups of 10–12 to learn about who Jesus is, what He calls them to do, and what He wants for their lives.
Upon course completion, prisoners are invited to enroll in a discipleship course to develop a deeper knowledge of the Bible, theological topics, and how to continue their journey with Jesus.

Transformation is Happening Around the World

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Prisoners Invited to Learn about Jesus
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