Introducing those in prison to a restorative relationship with Jesus.

Prisoners are cut off from society and left alone to cope with hopelessness and despair.

The Prisoner's Journey® transforms the lives of prisoners, from the inside out, by introducing them to a restorative relationship with Jesus.

How it Works


Prisoners are invited to join the course by a program facilitator, chaplain, another prisoner or at an event.

The Course

Participants meet weekly in small groups to learn about who Jesus is, what He calls them to do and what He wants for them.


Course graduates are recognized and celebrated at a ceremony and receive a Bible and a completion certificate.


Course graduates are invited to enroll in additional discipleship programs to develop a deeper knowledge of Jesus.

Bringing Light to the Darkness

Bringing Light to the Darkness

The Prisoner's Journey Global Impact

Prisoners Invited to Learn about Jesus
Prisoners who have graduated from The Prisoner's Journey
Graduates Continued into Discipleship Programs
Evidence of Change

How We Know It Works

We commissioned a study with Dr. Byron Johnson and Baylor University to find out if The Prisoner's Journey was really changing lives. We'd seen and heard anecdotal evidence of transformation, but we wanted proof. This third-party study determined that The Prisoner's Journey increases prisoners' religious involvement, motivation for identify transformation and growth of virtues. In short, it is proven to help create positive change from the inside out. Participants showed reduced negative feels and less aggressive behavior – contributing to safer prison environments.

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From the Field - Participant Testimonies

"Through The Prisoner's Journey, I now understand that the Bible is a gift to help me understand God’s love for me. I feel alive every time I read the Bible. I know that Jesus is in me and even though am still in prison, I am free inside. When everything fails, Jesus never fails."
Ulanda, Prisoner
"In prison, which is dark and hopeless place, I found the light of Jesus and accepted him as my Savior. The Prisoner’s Journey brought me hope in the darkness of prison."
Charbel, Prisoner
"The Prisoner's Journey provided me with an inner peace I had never experienced since I arrived in prison. The pain I’d suffered from being separated from my sons disappeared. I invited Jesus to enter my heart and have realized that His love is the most powerful thing in the world."
Jitka, Prisoner
Czech Republic
"Though I knew Jesus before arriving in prison, I had run away from him. When I was invited to do The Prisoner's Journey, I understood that Jesus knew me and is able to change me. He restored me and now I live my life inside the prison in complete trust in him."
Daniel, Prisoner
"When The Prisoner's Journey was first implemented, I wasn’t expecting any impactful benefits. God quickly changed my view and showed me how much He uses this course in the lives of the prisoners. Prisoner behavior and the atmosphere in the cells have dramatically improved."
Story of Hope

TOMÁŠ | Czech Republic

Two former enemies find forgiveness and hope in an unlikely place—a prison chapel—and share their story of transformation and friendship.

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Join the Journey

By helping to bring God's light into the darkness of prison, you are transforming prisoners' lives, restoring their families and building safer communities.

Bring Light into the Darkness