Who We Are

We bring lasting transformation to men, women, and children impacted by incarceration around the world.

Where We Work

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How We Work

We are a world-wide community dedicated to helping alleviate the suffering of prisoners, their families, and victims of crime. We engage 1,000 full-time staff and board members, and train, equip, and mobilize 45,000 volunteers in our indigenous ministries throughout 120 countries and territories.

Together, we partner to define areas of need within the prison population of each country and deliver transformational, culturally appropriate programming. Each program partnership upholds our mission, is impact-based, simple enough to replicate throughout each country, and built on sustainable resources so each ministry can grow their reach to share the Gospel with prisoners, provide practical care for their children and families, and help bring healing and forgiveness to victims for years to come.

We currently run three programs:


Children of Prisoners Sponsorship
Spiritually based humanitarian outreach to rescue and restore the lives of children of prisoners

Cambodia Nepal Togo
Colombia Rwanda Zambia
India Sri Lanka Zimbabwe


The Prisoner’s Journey®
Evangelization and discipleship course to transform the hearts and lives of prisoners

Albania Colombia Malta Swaziland
Australia Cote d’Ivoire* Nigeria Togo
Brazil Egypt* Philippines Trinidad & Tobago*
Bulgaria Guatemala Portugal Uruguay
Burkina Faso Honduras Rwanda Zambia
Canada Kenya South Africa
Chile Malawi* Spain
 *Coming soon


Sycamore Tree Project®
Restorative justice ministry to reconcile and heal victims and offenders

Australia Fiji The Netherlands Solomon Islands
Bahamas Germany New Zealand South Africa
Bermuda Guam Nigeria Ukraine
Bolivia Guatemala Northern Ireland USA
Brazil Hungary Papua New Guinea Zambia
Cambodia Italy Philippines
Colombia Kazakhstan Rwanda
Czech Republic Kyrgyzstan Scotland
El Salvador Lebanon Senegal
England & Wales Moldova Singapore


Engaging the Christian community to pursue justice and healing in response to crime to the end that offenders are transformed, relationships are reconciled, and communities are restored.


A reconciling community of restoration for all involved in or affected by crime, thereby proclaiming and demonstrating the redemptive love and transforming power of Jesus Christ for all people.

Core Values

  1. We value unity in Jesus Christ and respect the diversity of Christian Church traditions, history, and culture.
  2. We value partnership in mission with churches, chaplains, and other compatible organizations.
  3. We value the people we serve, and those we serve with.

Our History

Prison Fellowship International was born out of the experience of Charles Colson, former aide to President Nixon. Convicted for a Watergate-related offense, Colson served seven months in prison. During that time he saw and experienced the difference faith in Jesus makes in people’s lives. He became convinced that the real solution to crime is found through spiritual renewal.

When Colson walked into freedom, he had a new mission in life: To reach out to men and women behind bars, and give them the opportunity to turn their lives around through Christ.

In 1979, he founded Prison Fellowship International, extending the mission and work beyond the United States, and following God’s call to proclaim the Gospel worldwide and alleviate the suffering of prisoners and their families. In 1983, Prison Fellowship International received special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

We are the largest, most extensive association of national Christian ministries working within the criminal justice field. Each of our transdenominational national ministries is grounded in indigenous leadership and local funding. This grassroots presence enables us to minister to prisoners and their families in culturally relevant ways. The heart of our ministry is our volunteers, who give so generously and powerfully of their time.

Prison Fellowship International is called and dedicated to communicating the redemptive love and transforming power of Jesus Christ to prisoners, ex-prisoners, their families, and victims of crime around the world.