Our Partners

We are proud to partner with the following organizations who help us carry out our ministry work around the world.


Biblica, The International Bible Society

Biblica, the International Bible Society, is a worldwide ministry that has been helping people engage with God’s Word for over 200 years. They are committed to bringing the Bible to people in a way they understand, so they can be transformed by Christ and inspired to join His mission for the world.

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Bible League International

The heart of Bible League International’s global strategy is Project Philip, a Bible study program that trains local church members in evangelism and discipleship. It’s inspired by the story of Philip and the Ethiopian in Acts chapter 8. Project Philip trains leaders who invite others to study the Gospel of John. As part of Project Philip, each participant receives a Bible for personal use and is encouraged to become part of a local church.

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Christianity Explored

Christianity Explored Ministries helps people to meet Jesus in the pages of the Bible. They publish a range of materials to introduce Jesus Christ to those who are unfamiliar with his message.

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The Grace & Mercy Foundation

Through Public Reading of Scripture, The Grace & Mercy Foundation makes learning simple and accessible by encouraging people to form Public Reading of Scripture Gatherings and Just Show Up Book Clubs. All participants have to do is just show up at their chosen location and listen to Scripture or good books, while reading along in their print copies. There is no homework, no official interpretations, and no right or wrong answers.

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The Hopebearer Foundation

Since its founding, The Hopebearer Foundation has been committed to helping people in need. Driven by Christian values ​​of gratitude and charity, their mission is to give people both at home in Germany and around the world hope and a future; an opportunity to live into their God-given potential. They partner with local, regional, and international agencies, and leverage our expertise in social work, long-lasting economic development, and transformational building projects to bring impactful and sustainable hope and change to individuals, families, and communities.

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Faith Comes By Hearing

Faith Comes By Hearing is working to provide God’s Word to every person. Through their wide range of listening programs — whether in a group centered on a physical Audio Bible device or personally through various digital means — hundreds of millions of people around the world have encountered God’s truth in their heart language. They have come alongside the worldwide translation community in a movement to finish the task—to ensure that everyone on Earth has access to Jesus Christ’s Gospel in a format they can understand.

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