Bring God's Audible Word to Prisoners

Illiteracy and lack of technology are both significant barriers for many in prison to be able to access the Gospel. Together, with our friends at Faith Comes by Hearing, we are removing these barriers through The Listener’s Way. This powerful program provides film and audio Bible translations in a prisoner's heart language, giving them the opportunity to engage with the Word of God in a new and meaningful way.

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Share the Good News, One Language at a Time

Did you know that there are countless people around the world who have never heard the words of Jesus – the most important words of all time – because of lack of translation or the inability to read?

1.5 billion people across the globe still do not have access to God’s Word in a format that they can understand and engage with. Through partnership with our friends at Faith Comes By Hearing, we are able to offer the Word of God to even more prisoners, allowing them to intimately connect and resonate with the Bible in their heart language.

Your Gift Helps a Prisoner Hear God's Word in their Heart Language


Allow prisoners to more deeply connect to the Bible

God's Truth

Increase access to God's word and Scripture

Hear from God

Empower prisoners to hear from God in their native tongue

Five-Year Program Goals

Prisoners Reached
Listening Groups
Prisons Running the Program

Your Gift Helps a Prisoner Hear God's Word in their Heart Language

Make it possible for prisoners to connect with the Bible and each other through small group sessions facilitated by local volunteers
Enable someone who has never heard the Good News of the Gospel to discover God's promises for their life
Remove the barriers of illiteracy or lack of access for prisoners that have been excluded from hearing the Gospel

The Course

Promotional Event

Prisoners watch a 20-minute, cinematic film of Luke chapters 4-5 and are invited to participate in the program

Listening Groups

Small groups of participants gather for eight weeks to hear the book of Luke narrated in their heart language and discuss what they feel after each session

Graduation Ceremony

Participating prisoners are honored at a group ceremony and receive a certificate of completion

With audio recordings and gospel films in more than 1,700 languages, we have the opportunity to reach countless prisoners with the Good News of the Gospel, in their heart language. By sharing the hope and message of Jesus, this program is transforming prisoners, prisons and entire communities.

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