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Your gift accelerates a movement of more than 100 partner prison ministries to share the gospel, protect at-risk children and bring restorative practices to prisoners and prison systems worldwide.

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There are an estimated 12.1 million prisoners globally kept within 19,000 prison sites. There are 14.5 million children of prisoners around the world who experience shame, trauma, and significant financial challenges due to their parent's incarceration.

It is this community that we are called to serve. Join our movement to break the cycle of crime, worldwide.

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The Prisoner's Journey®

You can introduce prisoners to the light and hope of Christ - changing them, and prisons, from the inside out.

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Your gift helps children of prisoners improve their access to, and participation in school, foster social connections with mentors and peers from their communities and increase their spiritual and personal development with their local church.

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Your gift expands and deepens the Prison Fellowship family footprint, reaching dark places with the light and hope of Jesus Christ.

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The Child’s Journey®

When you sponsor a child of a prisoner, you brighten their future by matching them with a Christian caseworker who assesses their needs and provides critical support in the areas of education, safety, health and Spiritual care.

The Child's Journey
The Listener's Way

We are removing barriers to the Gospel by providing film and audio Bible translations in a prisoner's heart language. Your donation makes possible our volunteer-led, small group, in-prison offering that provides gospel films and audio Bible translations in each prisoner's heart language.

The Listener's Way

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The Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) is the fastest-growing charitable vehicle in the United States today because it offers excellent tax saving options, great flexibility, and you can give from funds you've already set aside. Benefits include one-time giving or setting up future installments.

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Workplace giving is an employer-sponsored program that provides its employees with the opportunity to financially support Prison Fellowship International, often increasing or matching your contributions.

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Giving a gift of appreciated securities can help Prison Fellowship International continue its ministry, support our programs and helps you to leave a lasting impact on the lives of prisoners and their families for years to come.

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Leave a lasting impact for Prison Fellowship International's ministry to prisoners and their families worldwide.

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I have decided that when I am released, I will go out and start working on becoming a barber. And I know God will help me. I really am happy for the difference that STP has made in my life.
The Gambia
I always knew who Jesus is, but never met Him the way I did in TPJ. I think I have the same love for Jesus as Mark did...I believe Jesus loves me as well as He loved Mark. This journey reminded me that Jesus Christ loves everybody, even me!
I am young, yes, but I know a lot about farming. I can tell you where you can invest down in the valley. I know how much land costs and how much you need to invest to make a profit. This has been our life. You are now part of our life. That training changed my life.
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Investing in Ministry

Prison Fellowship International works diligently to invest the maximum resources into our programs, and is mindful to minimize administration and fundraising costs.