Repairing broken lives and reversing the cycle of recidivism through restorative practices.

Justice systems are often punitive, overlooking victim and not rehabilitating offenders.

Sycamore Tree Project®: Justice and Peace joins offenders and victims to discuss accountability, increasing awareness of how crime creates harm.

Rooted in Restoration


Prisoners are invited to join the course by a program facilitator, chaplain, another prisoner or at an event.


Prisoners and victims dialogue in small groups to reflect on the harm and ripple effects of crime.


Program graduates are invited to join growth programs to continue efforts to reduce crime and increase peace.

Restoring Lives, Breaking the Cycle of Crime

Restoring Lives, Breaking the Cycle of Crime

Sycamore Tree Project Global Impact

Prisoners who have graduated from Sycamore Tree Project
Graduates Continued into Discipleship Programs
Victims Joining the Conversation

From the Field - Participant Testimonies

"During the [Sycamore Tree Project] course, especially the one about forgiveness, I was touched and convicted to forgive. So, I reached out to make amends and today, I have made peace with my prosecutor and decided to settle out of court. Today, I am a free man."
Zaria, Prisoner
"The Sycamore Tree Project has helped me accept my guilt and sentence. This acceptance led me to experience God’s forgiveness and hold onto Him more. I understand the great damage I caused and know that only God can help me repair all the damage I have caused."
Manuel, Prisoner
"The Sycamore Tree Project changed my life. Specifically, it helped me see how my crimes harmed myself and others in society. After completing the course, I began taking steps to improve myself. I don’t want my future actions to harm anyone else."
Hussein, Prisoner
Story of Hope

DIANA | Colombia

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Realize Restoration

By helping to bring restoration to those hurt and broken by crime, you are mending broken relationships and providing healing for offenders, victims and communities.

Restore Those Hurt by Crime