How Your Gift Makes a Difference

More than 14 million children around the world have an incarcerated parent.

The children of prisoners are among the most vulnerable and marginalized groups, which puts them at high risk of exploitation, abuse, neglect, child labor, and criminal behavior. By investing in the life of a child of a prisoner, you are providing the means necessary to help break the cycle of crime and provide a brighter future for the child and their community.

Our Five-Year Program Goals

Children Served
Caregivers Supported

Your gift provides a child of a prisoner with support in these key areas


Improve access to and participation in school

Social Connection

Create social connection with mentors and peers from their communities

Spiritual Development

Increase their spiritual and personal development by providing them with Scripture resources and connecting them with a local church

Current Child Program Locations

PromisePath® began in four countries in November 2021, bringing needed support to children of prisoners who are often overlooked or excluded by other child poverty-focused programs. Since then, the program has expanded and is now serving thousands of children and their caregivers, bringing them access to education support, Scripture resources, and a greater community of care.

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