Children of prisoners are at high risk for repeating the cycle of crime.
The Child's Journey® restores the lives of children through practical care, spiritual and emotional support, and opportunities to flourish.

Holistic Support


Children receive safety training and visits from a Christian caseworker to ensure they live in a safe and caring environment.


Children receive nutritious food, regular health checks and medical care so they can grow strong and healthy.


Children access education through school uniform and fee assistance, and caseworker visits for a bright future.

Spiritual Care

Children connect with a church mentor and receive Scripture resources to heal wounds and experience God’s love.

Dany's Story – Hope from Desperation

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Dany's Story – Hope from Desperation

The Child's Journey Global Impact

Children Served
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Scripture Resources Received

From the Field - Beneficiary Testimonies

"I am personally grateful to God for allowing me and my son to benefit from this program. It’s because of the love of Jesus Christ that I am determined to give Him my life and follow Him forever."
Kodjo, Caregiver Togo
“I was very happy and excited to receive a Bible from our caseworker. This Bible means so much to me because it’s the first one I have ever received. I can’t wait to read it and hope I can learn from it. I am so eager to discover what the Bible has to say, and I know it can change my life."
Ratha, Caregiver Cambodia
"My family and I are happy and life has more meaning now. I used struggle paying for school fees, but now I can go to school without worry. The goats that we received make me happy for we are using them to raise and sell more goats. Thank you so much."
Peter, Child Rwanda
Stories of change


Sambath and Kakada have only known their father from behind prison walls. Their situation has caused serious psychological trauma which compounds over time for children of prisoners if not addressed. The two boys enrolled in The Child's Journey, giving them emotional care to build their confidence and self-esteem.

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Empower Children of Prisoners to Flourish

By sponsoring the child of a prisoner around the world, you are filling the gap to provide care and opportunities for these precious children and equipping them to live a life of their full potential.

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