Providing prisoners the hope of the Gospel in their native tongue to help them engage in God’s Word in a new and meaningful way.

Prisoners face significant barriers when accessing the Gospel behind prison walls.

The Listener’s Way® removes these barriers by bringing solar-powered, audio and visual Scripture to prisoners in their heart language.

How It Works


Prisoners are invited to join the course by a program facilitator, chaplain, another prisoner or at an event.

Listening Groups

Small groups gather for weekly to hear the book of Luke in their heart language and engage in discussion.

Viewing Groups

Multiple listening groups gather to watch the Gospel come to life on screen in their heart language.

The Listener's Way Global Impact

Prisoners Invited to Learn about Jesus
Prisoners who have graduated from The Listener's Way
Listening Groups

From the Field - Participant Testimonies

"Through The Listener's Way, I have built faith, hope and trust in Jesus. He forgave my sins because he is my Savior and Lord. When I look at my prison conditions, it's because of Jesus I am alive today. His grace came over me and is doing wonders in the prison. I see the love of Jesus in my life."
Konti, Prisoner
"Because of The Listener's Way, I decided to run to Jesus and my character changed so much! I understand that the world is so big and I just found myself with God. In the future I would love to find a local Church where I could become a member of that Church."
Anonymous, Prisoner
"I was a witch doctor before I came to prison. After going through The Listener’s Way, I am a changed man! I have given my life to Christ, so I no longer need my black powers and charms I used. My course facilitator visited my family to share the good news and destroy the items I used in my sinful past."
Gaopadam, Prisoner
Central African Republic
Story of Hope

Sharing God’s Audible Word in Burkina Faso

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Provide Prisoners with God's Audible Word

By bringing the Word of God to prisoners who lack literacy and technology around the world, you are enabling prisoners to more deeply connect to the Bible and empowering them to have a closer relationship with Christ.

Give Prisoners Hope