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A Little Girl Finds Hope for the Future

ASHLEY | Costa Rica

When she was seven years old, Ashley saw her father shot through the heart and die. He was caught in the crossfire of gang violence, fueled by drug cartels, leaving Ashley’s mother alone to care for the family.

Ashley’s mother works, but it’s never enough to support the eight children. Ashley went to live with her grandparents, but soon after, her grandfather was sent to prison, leaving the family in terrible poverty.

Ashley’s world is filled with danger, from the violence and drugs on the streets to her own home which is gradually sliding down a steep and dangerous hill. Exposed, raw sewage threatens her health, and there is no money for doctors.

Liliana, Ashley’s grandmother, says she is scared for her family. She worries the children will fall victim to the same gang violence that killed Ashley’s father—or to the drugs that fuel the street wars. Liliana wasn’t able to afford the uniform and school supplies for other family members to start school, and she fears Ashley may have to give up her education as well.

Hope is a precious commodity in Ashley’s neighborhood—but it is found through becoming part of our child sponsorship program. The aid she receives through the program helps give her hope for a brighter future, better education, and security.

Though Liliana once grieved the reality that her family was forgotten and outcast because her husband is in prison, she now rejoices in God’s care for those she loves through the program sponsors and staff.

Give a child like Ashley safety and hope.

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