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No Longer Going to Bed with an Empty Stomach

DADDY | Rwanda

Daddy’s father has been in prison for six years, and he has 13 more years to serve. Daddy’s mother, Mama Daddy (as she prefers to be called), depended on her husband to survive.

When he was sent to prison, Daddy’s world collapsed and the family suddenly faced poverty and hopelessness.

Often, Daddy and his siblings went to sleep at night with empty stomachs. With the difficulties and expense of providing for six children, Mama Daddy started weighing options of some of her children dropping out of school.

But one day, Mama Daddy answered a phone call. The person on the other end wanted to know if Mama Daddy was the wife of a prisoner. He briefly explained our child sponsorship program. Mama Daddy thought it seemed too good to be true! Daddy and his sister, Aisha, were enrolled in the program. Ten-year-old Daddy can continue attending school and materials are provided. He and his sister also have access to health care.

Because of the burden lifted from the family, they once again are united and have reconciled many emotional hurts.

Daddy and Mama Daddy are grateful to God and the staff of Prison Fellowship International. Mama Daddy is very thankful for the wellbeing of her children.

Help rescue a child like Daddy from a life of despair.

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