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A Daughter Without Love

CELESTE | Colombia

Celeste’s father is serving a nine year and eight month prison sentence. Four-year-old Celeste, from Colombia, does not have a relationship with him, because he doesn’t want her. He calls her “a daughter without love.”

Celeste’s mother, Lady, desperately wants to give Celeste a good life, education, and health.

But because she cares for her ill mother, Adriana, Lady isn’t able to work. Together, Lady and Adriana try to support each other. Lady is deeply concerned that Celeste isn’t talking yet, and scratches at her face causing deep cuts.

A friend in a neighborhood nearby told Adriana about our child sponsorship program. When she first heard about the program, Lady had a lot of doubts.

But when she visited the office, she saw many others there who were in her same situation.

“At that moment, I knew I wanted to be enrolled in the program,” she says.

Upon entering the program, Celeste received psychological help, and she has since stopped scratching her face. She attends kindergarten every day. And, she is talking! Lady says it’s a miracle.

Celeste enjoys attending the healthcare, games, and educational activities hosted by the child sponsorship program, because she is able to play with other children her age. She was also a recipient of an Angel Tree® gift, which brought much delight to her.

Lady wasn’t a Christian before becoming involved in the program. But now, she knows Jesus.

“My family feels cared for, loved, and accepted.”

Help a child like Celeste experience God’s love.

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