What Specific Benefits Does A Child Receive Through Sponsorship?

Your regular support is used to meet the specific needs of your sponsored child. Every dollar is used prayerfully and carefully to help ensure your sponsored child:

  • Lives in safe housing and is protected from harm.
  • Can access education and school supplies, so they obtain the skills necessary for a bright future.
  • Maintains good health through nutritious food and essential medical care.
  • Receives spiritual and social support to help heal wounds caused by rejection and loss, and to help build conferences.
  • Has an opportunity to know and experience the love of Jesus Christ.
  • Has a direct relationship with a caseworker, who makes sure your sponsored child’s urgent need are met and is a loving constant presence in their life.

Your child is also invited to take part in local church and Prison Fellowship events, where beneficial relationships with children and families are build.

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