2019 Children of Prisoners Country Reports

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Prison Fellowship International’s children of prisoners sponsorship program continues to grow and evolve. In 2019, we cared for more 5,900 children of prisoners across nine countries, including our newest program partner in Malawi, with more than 8,700 children of prisoners served since program inception. 

This video to the right is of two of the precious children from our program in Togo. The joy and love they have for their sponsor is so well felt! Thank you for putting a smile on the faces of thousands of children around the world!

The Potratz family sponsored Thasni in India for 4.5 years, starting their sponsorship journey early 2015.

In 2019, the Potraz’s became one of our first families to have their child ‘graduate’ from the children of prisoners program. Thasni’s caseworkers wrote:

“Thasni has graduated from the children of prisoners program… She was enrolled in 2014 and received regular home visits and monitoring. Thanks to sponsorship, she also was provided food assistance, health checks, medications, education assistance, and school supplies. Thasni attended and participated in program activities, events, and annual day-camps where she enjoyed spending time with her peers. Thasni is very excited about her future! She very interested in garment tailoring and has recently completed technical training in this professional field. Her mother states she is very proud of her daughter and is grateful for program support during difficult days. The family wishes to thank Thasni’s sponsor for their love and support all these years.”

This impact statement couldn’t be more aligned with what we hope to achieve in the life of every sponsored child. Read more to see how each of the programs in our nine partner countries reached new milestones in 2019

The dedicated staff and volunteers in our national ministry partners around the world strive to ensure all children in the program have access to the resources and support needed to keep them safe, healthy, educated, and resilient while demonstrating the light and love of Christ.  We know this would not be possible without our sponsors and we want to offer heartfelt thanks and gratitude for your love and support for the children of prisoners.  Together we are making the world a better place for these beautiful children and equipping them to live a life of their full potential. 

God bless you!

Michele Leith, Associate Program Manager, Children of Prisoners Program

Changing Lives, For Good

You have already given so much hope to children of prisoners around

the world, making way for a brighter future and helping to restore

their trust in people—and in a heavenly Father who loves them.



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