News and Updates from the Family

Issue 34 | October 27, 2023

Touchstone Digest – October 2023

Andy's Letter

Some wonderful friends of my wife and mine have constructed a glorious house overlooking one of the best surfing beaches in Cornwall, England.

We visited a few weeks ago and as I sat looking out over the setting sun, it reminded me of Psalms 19:1-9 NIV.

According to the Psalm, everyday He bathes our planet in truth, light, revelation and wisdom. His word sprints, rejoicing in its work. It never returns void.

There is real wisdom in constructing our own house (our lives) to take full advantage of the light of God Himself and of His inspired word. In fact, there is no more sure foundation for our lives as the Bible itself tells us.

So, let’s begin.

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Ministry News Roundup

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