News and Updates from the Family

Issue 32 | August 23, 2023

Best Practice (BP):

Best practices are specific, discrete ministry activities that measurably increase program scale, effectiveness, and/or efficiency, and can be replicated by other National Ministries. Best practices should be supported by evidence (data).

Touchstone Digest – August 2023

Andy's Note

Although I only wrote this article a few months ago, I have been reminded again of the lessons I need to take from this icon (lit in Greek: image/likeness). That is what makes icons and iconic art special. They represent something that is relevant at all times. In this sense, they are timeless.

Just recently we hit a(nother) major storm. Maybe we could have read the weather better, maybe our boat could have been bigger, better and more storm proof, maybe the disciple crew could have been more prepared, prayed more, pulled together. All good questions for an After Action Review ( I do see Jesus doing these in the Bible with the disciples as an aside). But all are “coulda, woulda, shoulda.” You’re in the storm. Period.

And the stunning fact I highlight remains the same no matter how severe the storm.

Enough said and I trust in Him