The Prisoner’s Journey®

“I Identified with Jesus, the Prisoner”

TIRSO | Colombia

Tirso was known as a charitable businessman in his community of San José de Uré- Córdoba in Colombia. He invested his savings to open a small grocery store, and since his prices were the most reasonable, many visited—including gang members. Accused of illicit association for criminal purposes, Tirso was arrested.

“I am one more innocent person who is sentenced to serve time,” he says.

One year after Tirso was imprisoned, the in-prison Bible study and discipleship program, The Prisoner’s Journey®, was offered to the prisoners. What first touched Tirso about this course that introduces Jesus to prisoners through the Gospel of Mark, was the invitation card to the program.

Attending the course profoundly impacted Tirso.

He had never felt so close to Christ as he did identifying with Him as a “prison companion.”

He says, “It was much more touching to identify with this Jesus who experienced all I am feeling in prison—loneliness, distress, sadness, and injustice… especially being unjustly condemned.”

Although serving his sentence is deeply painful, Tirso says meeting Jesus is the best thing that happened to him.

It is his utmost desire to tell his wife, daughters, and others how Christ gave meaning to his life through the miracle of Salvation through Jesus.

Help prisoners like Tirso find comfort in Jesus. 

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