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“God has a Purpose for Us”

PAVENDRAJ | South Africa

Because of participating in the The Prisoner’s Journey, our in-prison Bible study and discipleship program, Pavendraj says, “I have gained more knowledge and experience, which I’m thankful to God for.”

With his history of drugs and gang involvement, Pavendraj identified with the testimonies presented during the course’s video series. He says,

“I could relate to the issues of drugs and gang involvement. It brought tears to my eyes and made me think of my son and family, and even the victims and their families. I saw the worst of criminal lives transformed—even myself giving my heart to Christ.”

Pavendraj committed to never look back. He has been reminded that no matter how hopeless things may look, “God has a plan and purpose for us all—even the worst of us,” he says.

Pavendraj continues, “I am glad God is working in our lives and providing all the spiritual support and help through people like the staff of The Prisoner’s Journey.”

Help prisoners like Pavendraj discover healing and transformation through Christ.

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