The Child’s Journey®

Reassured that Nothing is Impossible with God


Theoneste’s father is in prison and his mother suffers from a mental illness, which leaves her often confused and keeps her housebound.

The weight of the family now rests on Theoneste’s older sister Jaqueline. She dropped out of school to care for her mom and siblings, and struggles to keep food on the table and her siblings in school. On top of responsibilities beyond her age, she’s afraid she or her siblings may fall prey to sex trafficking or child labor. Without a stable home and an adult to care for them, their risk is high.

Our child sponsorship program brought much relief to the family through support and safety.

When Theoneste was enrolled in our child sponsorship program, the family also benefitted. They receive regular food supplies and financial assistance so he and his siblings can continue attending school. Relief and hope are now a part of this family’s reality. Where they once worried how they would get by each day, they now have reassurance that nothing is impossible with God.

Give a child like Theoneste a reason to hope again. 

Give a Child of a Prisoner the Gift of Hope

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