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No Longer Helpless and Alone 

SERGE | Rwanda

Serge never imagined his father would be taken to prison. His world collapsed. He and his brothers relied on his mother for care and comfort, and frequently asked her to take them to visit their father in prison. Sometimes, she would take them. But one morning, Serge awoke to find his mother gone. A day, and then a week passed. Later, he discovered she abandoned them and fled to a neighboring country.

Helpless and alone, Serge and his brothers were taken in by their grandfather when he realized they had no one else to turn to. But still, they struggled to survive. They had to drop out of school, because they couldn’t pay the fees or afford to provide other basic necessities.

Our child sponsorship program is giving the family the extra support they need so they can receive put food on the table, stay healthy, go back to school, and hear the Word of God.

Now, with care and regular visits from a local caseworker, Serge is happier, learning in school, and feels loved. His grandfather says he is especially thankful the children are learning the Word of God with other kids, which is also helping them heal emotionally.

Give a child like Serge the opportunity for emotional healing and an education.

Give a Child of a Prisoner the Gift of Hope

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