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A Young Girl Rescued from an Abusive Home

SREYNITH | Cambodia

Sreynith’s father was always drunk and abusive to his family. When he was arrested on charges of homicide, Sreynith’s mother remarried. But home life remained difficult.

Sreynith was abused when her step-father drank. Both her mother and step-father insulted her when they disliked Sreynith’s housework, and she was forced to drop out of grade school to help care for her half siblings.

Sreynith’s grandmother, Mrs. Mom, heard about our child sponsorship program through her pastor and decided to enroll Sreynith into the program.

The caseworkers brought the abusiveness and dysfunctionality Sreynith suffered to light, and determined her family was not safe to live with anymore.

Mrs. Mom moved closer to her grandchildren, but couldn’t afford to support them on her own. Two local pastors partnered with the child sponsorship program to share the cost of providing a place for Sreynith and Mrs. Mom to live.

In 2014, the program partnered with local churches to raise the funds and purchase a house.

The house is old, but it is a safe haven for Sreynith.

Today, Sreynith is happy—living with her grandmother, healthy, and regularly attending school. She has become an active participant in the children’s group at church.

Her house has been renovated, and two of Sreynith’s siblings have also come to live with them.

Sreynith and Mrs. Mom give thanks for the strong support of the program. Mrs. Mom is especially thankful for the program staff’s careful monitoring, who noticed and rescued Sreynith from abuse.

As a family, they are thankful for the blessings God has brought their way.

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