The Prisoner’s Journey®

“I Experienced a Quiet, Steady Change in My Heart”

IBRAHIM | Nigeria

Ibrahim wears deep lines under his eyes, and bears a scar across his left cheek. At first glance, he looks tough, capable, self-assured. His hard stare seems to convey a warning. But when he smiles, his face tells a new story—one of hope, of quiet change, and new beginnings.

Ibrahim came to prison as a devout Muslim. He often mocked Christians and spent his time teaching the Koran to other Muslim inmates.

“I thought Christianity was a false religion,” says Ibrahim. “I saw [Christians] as lost people who needed to be shown the right way to worship Allah.”

Out of curiosity, Ibrahim accepted an invitation and reluctantly started attending The Prisoner’s Journey®, Prison Fellowship International’s in-prison evangelism and discipleship program. He already knew about Christ, “Isa” in Islam, but came to understand who He is, and why He came, and what that meant to him and for the whole world. This insight troubled him, but he kept it to himself.

“I discovered something unique about Jesus, which challenged my views.”

After reencountering Jesus Christ, he realized there was something different about Him.


“I quietly accepted Him as my Lord and Savior during the program and publically made known my declaration soon after. I started attending church and the follow-up classes.”

But his transformation wasn’t easy. “I faced persecutions of all kinds from my former Muslim brothers, [and] even my parents,” he says. “But God kept me strong through it by providing encouragement through the brethren in the church.”

Ibrahim thanks God for keeping him strong through the persecution. He says,

“When I was a Muslim . . . I did not believe in forgiveness. When I received Christ as my personal Savior, I experienced a quiet, steady change in my heart.”


Ibrahim plans to serve the rest of his sentence witnessing to other inmates. He thanks Prison Fellowship International for giving him the opportunity to participate in The Prisoner’s Journey®.

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