The Prisoner’s Journey®

“God Called Me to Prison Ministry” 

JAMES | Kenya


James’s brother-in-law, Johnson, was arrested during a police roundup in Nairobi, Kenya, and imprisoned for three years. During that time, Johnson found a commitment to serve God, and he dedicated himself by sharing Christ’s love with his fellow inmates. When Johnson was released, James took him in.

Johnson shared many stories with James of the forsaken prisoners. James was so moved, he wanted to find a way to show God’s love to these prisoners, too, and share the Gospel with them. He prayed, and felt God call him to prison ministry.

James learned about The Prisoner’s Journey evangelism and discipleship program, during a church service announcement. Their local Prison Fellowship Kenya was seeking volunteers and facilitators to run the eight-week course on the Gospel of Mark. James knew God was opening a door for him.

The Prisoner’s Journey provided James the opportunity to share the Gospel with prisoners.

Supported by his family, James daily trusts God to guide him in ministering to prisoners, even after they are released. Today, Johnson also preaches in and out of prison, has two children, and runs a business.

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