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God Changed His Life

FREDY | Colombia


Fredy participated in The Prisoner’s Journey evangelism and discipleship program, during his prison sentence. Before graduating the eight-week study on the Book of Mark, participants are asked to give their testimony in front other inmates—a challenging and intimidating experience for many. But the message of the Gospel presented through this program extends beyond the classroom walls in amazing ways.

Just as Fredy was called to present his testimony, his cellmate interrupted, saying he would give a testimony about Fredy. “God changed Fredy’s life,” he said.


He told the class Fredy’s change was evident, because he no longer participated in drug use, and refused to fight with the other prisoners. He was more resolved to try to be a good person.

At the time of the testimony, Fredy’s cellmate wasn’t a Christian, but had seen how much Fredy’s life changed because of God’s redemption. The volunteers of The Prisoner’s Journey invited Fredy’s cellmate to participate in the course, and he has since also become a Christian.

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