How do I receive a receipt from an online donation?

A receipt from every online gift is immediately shared upon gift confirmation if you provide an email address. If you gave online and have not received a digital receipt, please email Prison Fellowship International. 

How do I donate automatically every month? 

When donating online, toggle to the “Monthly Gift” option before entering your personal and gift information. When donating via mail, check the box or otherwise indicate that your gift is intended to be a monthly, recurring gift. 

How do I donate in memory of someone?

Make a donation online and enter the individual’s name, your relationship to them and any other relevant information in the text box below the donation form. 

Are there any gift-matching opportunities?

We frequently have gift-matching opportunities to support. Please email Prison Fellowship International about what you are interested in donating to learn more about the available opportunities to expand your gift’s impact!  

How do I update my contact or credit card information?

There are multiple ways to update your information. 

How do I get my year-end tax statement?

Tax statements are sent to donors no later than January 31 each year. If you did not receive a copy by mid-February or to receive an additional copy, email Prison Fellowship International with your name to receive it by email or mail.