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Update from Ukraine – 30 March 2022 | by Cristina Ursachila and Hugh Greathead

The battles continue and so does the humanitarian response. In this update, read how church volunteers — connected with NM partners — are responding to the crisis in Ukraine:

“I grew up in this country, my friends are here, my family is here, all my memories are here and now…. look at the pictures.” Nastya, PF Ukraine volunteer

To date, four volunteers of PF Ukraine were killed and eight have been taken captive. Some of these captives are pastors of churches.

The Rehabilitation Center run by the ED of PF Ukraine is now in a red zone. There are three people left in that center who cannot be evacuated. The good news is that they have sufficient supplies to last a long time, and for the time being they are safe.

PF Ukraine transformed a garage into a help center. They purchase supplies in Chernovtsy, which is near the border of Moldova and Poland. Many volunteers gather to distribute packages with basic necessities: food, diapers, medicines, blankets, etc. In the picture below, Vyacheslav´s wife and a volunteer are loading goods in the car.

PF Ukraine is also helping supply prisons and hospitals in different parts of the country. They work through their network of churches to accomplish this. Recently, they have distributed medicine to hospitals in Nikolaev and Slovyansk.

Recently, their vehicle broke down and they had to abandon it on the road! They are now using a borrowed vehicle, but hopefully this problem will be solved very soon.

PF Romania continues to deliver humanitarian aid to partners inside Ukraine. In the past week, they distributed seven vehicles full of supplies to Cernovtsy and Ivano Frankovsk cities in Ukraine. This included: food, blankets and medicines.

PF Ukraine is so grateful for the support they are being given through Hoffnungsträger and the PF family. “You are the only organization who are helping us in such a structured way. If you only could imagine how much your help means to us!”

Let’s continue to pray for Ukraine:

  • For the bereaved families of those volunteers who lost their lives.
  • For those who have been captured – for their safe return.
  • For safety of the volunteers.
  • For the supply lines into Ukraine to remain open.
  • For the prisoners and prison staff who find themselves isolated and living in very difficult circumstances.
  • Most of all, let us pray for the end of this war.

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