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Our Global Family at Work: Connecting Churches with Prisoners and Their Families

This is a mere glimpse of our global family at work, connecting churches with prisoners and their families.

PF Czech Republic
TPJ training powered by the Church.

PF Brazil
Church volunteers help with the Angel Tree® outreach. What a feast and outpouring of love at this special time of year!

PF Philippines
From TPJ training to graduation, church connections are key.

PF Uruguay
Church volunteers come alongside those on the STP journey.

PF Caribbean
From baptism to graduation, the Church works hand in hand with PF Caribbean.


Ministry Updates

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Ministry Updates

Update from Ukraine – 30 March 2022 | by Cristina Ursachila and Hugh Greathead

The battles continue and so does the humanitarian response. In this update, read how church volunteers — connected with NM partners — are responding to the crisis in Ukraine: “I grew up in this country, my friends are here, my family is here, all my memories are here and now…. look at the pictures.” Nastya, […]

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