Sierra O’Connor

Manager, Donor Engagement

Sierra O’Connor manages the acquisition and cultivation of the majority of Prison Fellowship International’s donor file. She specializes in the areas of donor analysis and communication, striving to create content that excites donors about the good work that they enable through Prison Fellowship International.

Sierra has witnessed firsthand how sharing the Gospel with those in prison leads to lasting change through experiences within her family. Her heart is to share this hope with others and empower them to become part of a community dedicated to realizing Prison Fellowship International’s mission of breaking the cycle of crime, worldwide, through Jesus’ love.

Previously, Sierra served as a theatre director and producer for public and private schools before transitioning to the nonprofit sector by serving as the Production and Events Coordinator for A Place To Be, an organization that provides expressive arts therapies for people of all abilities. There, she managed the touring productions of the Same Sky Project, created educational compendiums to enhance the impact of these productions, and planned and executed all donor events.

Sierra holds a Bachelor of Arts in music and theatre arts from Davidson College and a Master of Arts in Educational Theatre from New York University. She currently resides in the Shenandoah Valley region with her husband where they spend most of their free time enhancing the beauty of their c.1850 farmhouse and trying new recipes.