Roy Moussalli

Regional Director, Middle East and North Africa

Roy Moussalli supports National Ministries across the Middle East and North Africa region through providing support and program management services. He is also an expert trainer of the Sycamore Tree Project, one of Prison Fellowship International’s restorative, in-prison programs. Roy specializes in the areas of restorative justice, strategic management and ministry in a minority context. 

Jesus’ coming for all to have life in abundance has been Roy’s inspiration in dedicating his life to working with marginalized persons, creating unity in a divided region and world, sharing Jesus’ love with the most broken, and discovering each individual’s beauty and gifts whatever criminal, religious or ethnic background they come from to give and receive healing. 

Previously, Roy worked in industrial equipment engineering and sales. Roy has also worked with organizations serving juveniles and drop-outs in the Middle East and North Africa region. For more than 40 years, he has volunteered in faith and light communities with people with disabilities and their families. In this capacity, he has trained leaders and volunteers in more than 25 countries and led this volunteer-based organization at the national, regional and international levels. Roy founded a 4,000-person organization in Syria serving children in conflict with the law and their communities that is now serving all those affected by the war in Syria. 

Roy holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering from the American University of Beirut, an International Diploma of Restorative Justice from Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada and a professional certificate in Strategic Management of Non-Government Organizations from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.