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Angel Tree®

Angel Tree® is a Prison Fellowship program that connects parents in prison with their children through the delivery of Christmas gifts. In most cases, local church volunteers purchase and deliver gifts and the Gospel to children in the name of the incarcerated parent. Many churches make an annual commitment to this highly rewarding program and recognize it as a way to care for some of the most overlooked members of our communities.

Back to School Blessings

The Back to School Blessing ensures that children of inmates can return to school with the needed resources to continue their education. Items are sourced through business establishments and other private donors. The objective is to ensure that inmates’ children are not at a disadvantage in their preparation to return to school because of the absence of a parent who is the main breadwinner.

Christmas Bread

Christmas Bread is a specially baked bread that is given to all inmates in prison at Christmas. It represents the Bread of Life that came into the world and celebrated at Christmas. Donations are sourced from friends, churches and business establishments to buy this special bread for all inmates.

Evangelism/Bible Study

Weekly Bible Study sessions are conducted with inmates. Coupled with the study is an invitation to commit to the Lord knowing that it is through a relationship with Jesus Christ that real change is realized.

Survival Training

The program is designed to help individuals who have challenges with drugs. A series of structured physical and spiritual activities are planned and carried out intended to train inmates in decision making (right choices) thereby rediscovering their lost identity and recover from the addiction that has controlled their lives.

Country Stats

  • Prisons Visited: 1
  • Prisoners Served: 555
  • Children of Prisoners Served: 250
  • Churches Engaged: 6
  • Volunteers: 20

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