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Angel Tree®

Angel Tree® Christmas is a Prison Fellowship program that connects parents in prison with their children through the delivery of Christmas gifts. In most cases, local church volunteers purchase and deliver gifts and the Gospel to children in the name of their prisoner-parent. Many churches make an annual commitment to this highly rewarding program and recognize it as a way to care for some of the most overlooked members of our communities.

Friendship Visits

This program includes an array of activities, including chapel services, counselling and bible studies.

Sycamore Tree Project: Justice and Peace®: Justice and Peace

The Sycamore Tree Project: Justice and Peace®: Justice and Peace® helps repair the harm caused by crime by bringing together victims and prisoners to discuss issues related to crime and its consequences.

Week of Prayer

The Annual Week of Prayer can be observed at any time during the year. The week is designed as a special occasion for Prison Fellowship to communicate and connect with churches and the community in order to focus on ministry among prisoners, ex-prisoners, the families of prisoners, and victims of crime.


Country Stats

  • Prisons Visited: 20
  • Prisoners Served: 460
  • Children of Prisoners Served: 200
  • Churches Engaged: 15
  • Volunteers: 80

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