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Gifts for Children

It is traumatic for children when their father or mother is imprisoned. It is important for them to maintain contact with their parent in prison. That is why Prison Fellowship Nederland has a Children’s Gift Program. Birthday children receive a gift from their father or mother in prison through this Children’s Gift Program. It is good for children to know that their father or mother is still thinking about their birthday whilst in prison and can still give a gift. Our volunteers bring this gift to the child on behalf of the parent.

Single-Parent Families

The consequences of a prison sentence are drastic. The life of the prisoner comes to a standstill, but that of his family continues. The women and mothers (in most cases it is the man who is imprisoned) are suddenly alone. The volunteers of Prison Fellowship Netherlands offer these parents a listening ear and help them develop their practical parenting skills.

Speaking About Victims, Debt, and Shame (SOS)

It is important that prisoners who have served their sentence do not return to crime once they are released. This is why it is good that they think about their past actions and future plans. Prison Fellowship Netherlands believes in recovery. We therefore talk to prisoners about the consequences of crime and about their expectations for their lives upon release. We do this through the SOS Course. This course, consisting of 8 meetings and is given by trained volunteers who are supervised by professionals from the office of Zoetermeer (social workers / coaches). The central theme of the course is taking responsibility, both for the past and the future. This is the basis for recovery.

The Company

The Company is a unit in Krimpen prison and is a unique project of Prison Fellowship Netherlands that has been in operation since 2016. The Company offers space to 14 prisoners who must apply for a place. In addition to these prisoners, 16 more prisoners are integrated into the unit who work outside the prison on weekdays and are allowed on leave during the weekend. Life at The Company is very different from a normal prison unit. ‘Partners’ work here (that’s what the prisoners are called here) for two full and three half days. In addition, there is room for study, visit and sports. To function well in a group and to bear responsibility for each other, these are important learning points. They learn that, for example, by sharing meals, taking turns cooking, keeping the unit clean, etc. The cell doors are open four days a week until 9.30 p.m. During those evenings, volunteers are present and there is room for recreational activities, such as sports, games or a good conversation. Partners formulate personal learning objectives at the start of the process and discuss these with the relevant prisoner of care of the Netherlands and their own volunteer. This includes work, education, skills, dealing with family and relationships and other preparations for life outside.

Care After Release

Friendship Visits

Non-Professional Legal Advice

Preparation for Release

Country Stats

  • Prisons Visited: 23
  • Prisoners Served: 11,699
  • Children of Prisoners Served: 100
  • Churches Engaged: 20
  • Paid Staff: 35
  • Volunteers: 650
  • APACS: 1

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