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House of Grace: At Risk Youth Education

About 60 % of Arab youth in Israel live under the poverty line and are at risk. The doors of our center for youth are open throughout the week for about 80 boys and girls, offering them various services and enriching programs, to help them overcome social, educational, behavioral difficulties by strengthening their personalities and skills, by tutoring and guiding them towards acknowledging their potential. The team of the youth project collaborates with two local groups, a women’s volunteer group, providing a year-long activities that are aimed to develop the personality of the child, and a group of young students who started a pilot of individual work with children. In the latter initiative, each child is getting an intensive individual support, a kind of “older brother” support, through which we hope will be able to achieve more and live up his full potential. The youth project is supervised by our trained educators and social worker. Families support: About 1.8 million citizens of Israel are suffering from poverty. This is affecting the general situation in many aspects. Our social support to about 250 families in Haifa from different religious backgrounds is our contribution in easing the daily struggle to provide the needs of the family. Beside food kits and support with medicine, our social worker provides counselling to the families in various aspects of their struggles, in order to overcome the challenges, they face.

House of Grace: Community of Restoration

House of Grace continues to be the only half-way house providing the Arab released prisoners a rehabilitation program in cooperation with the rehabilitation authority. This year we have increased our capacity to 17 beds to in our effort to provide more prisoners with the opportunity of rehabilitation. In addition, House of Grace integrated 14 people sentenced for community service in its work.

Spiritual Services

House of Grace continues to provide spiritual services in cooperation with the church and volunteers inside prisons to Christian inmates.

Country Stats

  • Prisons Visited: 5
  • Prisoners Served: 62
  • Churches Engaged: 5
  • Paid Staff: 8
  • Volunteers: 20
  • APACS: 1

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