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Accompanied Community Service

Accompanied Community Service for delinquents who are sentenced to do community service.

Juvenile Prison in Free Forms “Seehaus”

14-23-year-old juveniles and young adults who are sentenced to a prison term of about 1-5 years are eligible for the program. After being sent to prison they can apply for this innovative form of a juvenile prison. He will then stay for 12-36 months at “Seehaus”, depending on his sentence. The aim of the program is that the juveniles learn how to live a life without crime. The juveniles have to learn, to take on responsibility: – For their past, by participating at a Victim Awareness Group, a Sycamore Tree Project: Justice and Peace®: Justice and Peace, community service and on a voluntary basis a Victim-Offender-Reconciliation-Meeting – For the present, by living together with other students and staff and cultivating a community of love and a positive peer group environment – For the future, by preparing for a life without crimes, for a life in and for the community -Before God and fellow human beings They live in groups of 7 students together with a family/ house parents. Through a positive group concept, they learn to take on responsibility for themselves and for each other. The perspective of victims is shown to the students. Restoration, Community Service and Victim-Offender-Reconciliation-Meetings (Sycamore Tree Project: Justice and Peace®: Justice and Peace) help the students to take on responsibility for their crimes and give a (symbolic) restitution towards the victim and the community. A change of lifestyle can be reached best by a change of the norms and values of a person. Staff want to live their Christian faith by example. At the same time, they challenge the juvenile to find their own system of norms and values. In order to give a good foundation for their future life, the students are challenged in the following areas: – School: the students receive school education with the goal to get their High School Diploma. – Work & Vocational Training: the students help to renovate the historic buildings on the property, they can choose between different workshops and get vocational training in the area they have chosen. – Athletics: through athletic activities the feeling of self-worth can be increased, legitimate ways of receiving affirmation within the community and they learn to practice a team spirit. – Leisure time activities: the students learn how to use their free time by meaningful leisure time activities. – Integration into the community is reached by a cooperation with Churches, youth groups, athletic clubs, NGOs and with the local economy. Volunteers play an important role in the lives of the students. Godparenting, mentoring, study groups and leisure time activities are some of the activities which are offered by volunteers.

Sycamore Tree Project: Justice and Peace®: Justice and Peace

The Sycamore Tree Project: Justice and Peace®: Justice and Peace helps repair the harm caused by crime by bringing together victims and prisoners to discuss issues related to crime and its consequences.

Trauma & Victim Counseling

One on one counseling is offered to victims of crime.

Prison Visits

Country Stats

  • Prisons Visited: 4
  • Prisoners Served: 300
  • Churches Engaged: 20
  • Paid Staff: 105
  • Volunteers: 150
  • APACS: 2

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