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Angel Tree®

A yearly get together of children of prisoners where they receive gifts, have fun, and in some cases are able to visit their incarcerated guardian/parents. They also get the chance to listen to Christian messages from Organizers.

Peace Loving Home

A residential home for a few children who have no homes to go to. They are provided all basic necessities and released when conditions are met.

Prison Ministry

The chapel services are regularly conducted inside of prison through their partner Churches as Prison Fellowship Nepal is not allowed to do direct evangelism or spiritual activities with the inmates.

Rehabilitation Center

This is a livelihood center mostly for the ex-prisoners who are to be prepared to join their families or communities. They get to learn about tending animals and some other related skills where they get some share of the income of the livelihood activity.

Children of Prisoners Program

Children of Prisoners Program rescues, rebuilds, and restores the lives of poor and vulnerable children of prisoners by providing assistance in the areas of safety, health care, education, and spiritual resiliency.

Week of Prayer

A yearly activity of a few Churches and partners of PFN specifically focused on prayer for the ministry.

Country Stats

  • Prisons Visited: 20
  • Prisoners Served: 205
  • Children of Prisoners Served: 469
  • Churches Engaged: 10
  • Paid Staff: 10
  • Volunteers: 50
  • Ex-Prisoners: 14

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