Angel Tree®

Angel Tree® is a program that brings children of prisoners together to receive material assistance, having fun through play, medical checkups etc. The churches take part in the program by contributing material items such as clothes, food pack etc.

Children of Prisoners Program

The Children of Prisoners Program rescues, rebuilds, and restores the lives of poor and vulnerable children of prisoners by providing assistance in the areas of safety, health care, education, and spiritual resiliency.

Prodigal Son Program

The Prodigal Son Program is a program helping inmates integrate in the community using the church as the entry point. The prodigal sons and daughters (ex-inmates) are taken to the church of their choice to be received back and given any assistance that would help them start afresh. Many churches welcome and support this program.

Week of Prayer

The Annual Week of Prayer can be observed at any time during the year. The week is designed as a special occasion for Prison Fellowship to communicate and connect with churches and the community in order to focus on ministry among prisoners, ex-prisoners, the families of prisoners, and victims of crime.

Country Stats

  • Prisons Visited: 15
  • Prisoners Served: 300
  • Children of Prisoners Served: 256
  • Churches Engaged: 25
  • Paid Staff: 5
  • Volunteers: 43

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