Protecting Children

In many foreign countries, when a parent goes to prison...

no one steps in to help their children.

Our child sponsorship program fills this gap

and provides the care that children of prisoners truly need.

Sponsor a Child

A Child of a prisoner is 5-10 times more likely to repeat the cycle of crime... unless someone intervenes.

More than 14 million children around the world have lost one or both parents to prison.

Lost and Forgotten

These children are among the world’s most forgotten and destitute populations. Many are hidden from society, living in remote, hard-to-reach communities and experiencing extreme poverty.

More Than Just Poverty

Children of prisoners are at much greater risk than impoverished children whose parents aren’t in prison. They are in greater danger of slavery, sex-trafficking, and violence.

These Children are at Increased Risk for


Child Labor

Dropping Out of School


Repeating the Cycle of Crime

Be a Part of the Solution

A sponsor provides care and opportunities for these beautiful children and equips them to live a life of their full potential.

We’ve drawn from nearly 40 years of working with children of prisoners around the world to understand their most pressing needs.

When You Sponsor a Child, They Receive:


Each child receives visits from a child caseworker to ensure they live in a safe and caregiving environment.


Each child and their families receives nutritious food, regular health check ups, and urgent medical care so they can grow strong and healthy.


Each child is given access to education through assistance with school uniforms, fees, and supplies, so they can develop the skills they need for a bright future.

Spiritual Care

Each child is connected with a Christian caseworker and local church to build positive, meaningful relationships and help heal the wounds caused by rejection and loss.

Sponsors are Transforming the Lives of Children All Over the World

Children Served by The Child's Journey®
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Mentors Identified
Received Scripture Resources

Stories From Our Sponsors: Laura

Stories From Our Sponsors: Laura

Stories From Our Sponsors: Larry

Stories From Our Sponsors: Larry

Stories From Our Sponsors: KiAnna

Stories From Our Sponsors: KiAnna

Stories From Our Sponsors: Chris & Janelle

Stories From Our Sponsors: Chris & Janelle

Become a Sponsor


When you sponsor a child for only $39 a month you get...

Sponsor Welcome Kit

Information and resources you need to get started

  • Information about your child
  • Guide to sponsorship
  • Information about your child's country
  • Country prayer card and scripture magnet
  • A personal welcome letter from our team

Communication with Your Child

Form a personal connection and relationship

  • An introductory letter from your child
  • Open two-way communication
  • Video messages from your child*
  • Country prayer card and scripture magnet*
  • Send special letters or monetary gifts for your child's birthday and Christmas

Onboarding Resources

A series of emails from PFI team

  • Welcome from PFI CEO
  • Details about "The Child's Journey
  • Family activity guide
  • Downloadable ebook Now You See Me by former PFI President Frank Lofaro

Updates from the Field

Regular reports and updates on your child

  • Annual report about your child, which includes photo and drawing from your child
  • Annual report about your child's country, community and circumstances
  • Detailed Impact Report for extra funds donated*

* Where available or applicable

Sponsorship FAQs

Will I hear from my sponsored child?

Yes, your sponsored child will initiate correspondence with you. You will receive an introductory letter 6-8 weeks after you begin your sponsorship. Once you receive that letter, that is the perfect time to begin writing back. Your sponsored child will always respond to your letters.

How long will my sponsorship last?

Your constant support and love are essential to your sponsored child’s growth and development. Prison Fellowship International sponsors are not required to sponsor a child for any set length of time. Because the child’s needs continue after their parent is released from prison, we ask that sponsors continue their support so we can help the family adjust.

How much of my donation will my sponsored child receive?

Your gifts do not go directly to your sponsored child but are used by the Prison Fellowship program stay in their country to provide essential support. A dedicated Christian caseworker will ensure your child receives or has access to safe shelter, nutritious food, medical care, and education, and opportunities to participate in events and activities that increase self-esteem, build hope, and improve interpersonal relationships. Prison Fellowship International strives to adhere to acceptable financial fundraising practices and is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA).

For more information and financial reports, please visit

What happens if I can no longer sponsor my child?

If you end your sponsorship, we make it a priority to match your child with a new sponsor. Although the child remains in our program, they may receive fewer benefits until a new sponsor is found.

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Sponsor a Child of a Prisoner Today

By caring for a child of a prisoner, you give them hope for a brighter future and help restore their trust in people – and in a Heavenly Father who loves them.

Sponsor a Child