Leave a Legacy, Share Your Hope

Caring for prisoners and their children
through planned giving

Leave a Legacy of Hope and Healing

Would you like to continue to share God’s hope and healing with prisoners and their families around the globe—even after your lifetime? By making a planned gift to Prison Fellowship International, you can touch the lives of prisoners and their children and help them experience the transforming love of God. Leaving Prison Fellowship International in your will, or making a non-cash gift is one of the easiest and most flexible ways to leave a legacy of hope for future generations.

Your Planned Giving Options

Making a planned gift is an easy way for you to transform the hearts and

lives of prisoners and their families for generations to come.

Add Prison Fellowship International to Your Existing Documents

  • Include Prison Fellowship International in your will or trust
  • Designate Prison Fellowship International as a beneficiary of your retirement assets
  • Name Prison Fellowship International as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy or bank account(s)

Choose a Plan that Meets Your Family Needs and Your Giving Goals

  • Percentage Bequest
    • Give a percentage of your estate
  • Specific Bequest
    • Give a dollar amount or a specific asset such as a house, artwork, securities, or other non-cash gifts

How to Make a Planned Gift

Will or Trust

You or your estate planner can include a provision in your will that leaves a lasting gift to Prison Fellowship International.

Retirement Assets, Life Insurance, or Bank Accounts

Your retirement plan administrator, life insurance provider, or financial institution can provide the appropriate designation forms


  • Stay in control of your assets during your lifetime
  • Modify your bequest at any time
  • Reduce your taxable estate by the amount given to Prison Fellowship International
  • Specify how to use your gift
  • Know you’re furthering God’s work long after your lifetime


Getting Started

For more information on planned giving, fill out the contact form below and a representative will be happy to contact you. All inquiries are treated with complete confidentiality.

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