Give Support to the Children of Prisoners

Shows like Locked Up Abroad have shown how horrible prisons are. But conditions are often much worse for the children of those prisoners.

When a child’s parent is incarcerated, the child becomes at dire risk, losing the most critical figure in their life and facing a very uncertain future. 

It is not uncommon for villages to shun the children of prisoners, with some communities treating these children as outcasts, placing them at extreme risk of becoming homeless, being exploited, and no longer having access to shelter, education, clothing, or proper nutrition and healthcare.  

Worse still, these children, like all children, need to be loved and cared for–to be heard, to have adults dedicated to love, help, protect, teach, feed, and share the word of the Gospel with them. 

The urgent needs of these children are exactly what Prison Fellowship International is uniquely designed and equipped to provide to some of the most at-risk countries on our planet. 

Our global network currently serves prisoners and their families across 118 countries, making us the largest association of Christian ministries working in the criminal justice field today. 

Will you say yes to helping provide support and structure for a child in extreme need today by making a monthly gift to fund our efforts globally? Your generosity today will directly help some of the most vulnerable members of society. 

Complete the secure form below and join Prison Fellowship International to help children that truly need our assistance.