Bring hope and security to a child while their parent is in prison.

When a child’s parent is incarcerated, they face the dire risk of losing one of the most critical figures in their life. Their future becomes uncertain as their remaining caregiver struggles to make ends meet.

It is not uncommon for villages to shun the children of prisoners, and treat them as outcasts, placing them at extreme risk of becoming homeless, being exploited, and no longer having access to shelter, education, clothing, or proper nutrition and healthcare.

But children of prisoners deserve the same care and opportunities as any other children.

Mariana lives with her siblings in a brick dwelling in Colombia. Mariana’s mother struggles to care for her as her step-parent is in prison. Mariana likes playing soccer and watching television. She likes the color pink. She wants to be a doctor someday.

Resmey lives in a wood dwelling in Cambodia.

Resmey’s grandmother struggles to care for her as her father is in prison. Resmey likes doing high jump and reading. She likes the color black.

For nearly 40 years Prison Fellowship International

has been working with prisoners around the world and learned about the pressing needs of their children, which inspired us to create

programs to serve this vulnerable, overlooked population. Our global network currently serves prisoners and their families across 119 countries, making us the largest association of Christian ministries working in the criminal justice field today.

Your gift of $39 a month will provide a child with nutritious food, healthcare, and opportunities to experience God’s love. When you support a child through Prison Fellowship International, it means they will be able to go to school and learn skills for a brighter future instead of going to work at a young age.

Will you provide a chance for a brighter future for children like Komlan, Mariana, and Resmey by making a monthly gift today?