The Prisoner’s Journey®

A Prisoner Discovers Unconditional Love

THATI | South Africa

Thati’s upbringing in South Africa was devoid of any knowledge about God or the Bible. Trapped in the clutches of abject poverty, he and his mother endured days of hunger and lacked even the most basic necessities. With his father living far away and passing away when Thati was young, their struggle became all the more pronounced.

“We were so poor,” Thati reminisced, the memories of their destitution etched deeply in his mind. However, his journey took a harrowing turn when, at the age of 13, he was sent to an initiation school—a customary rite of passage in the traditional Xhosa culture. Winter’s chill gripped the air as Thati was handed two meager blankets. Hunger gnawed at him, and he and the other boys were forbidden from bathing, subjected to rituals too horrifying to recount.

Among these rituals lay a perilous physical mutilation that had claimed the lives of numerous young men. Thati returned home seething with unimaginable rage, falling into the clutches of nefarious influences. His anger fanned the flames of violent crime, ultimately leading to a 12-year prison sentence. It was within the confines of those prison walls that Thati’s true journey began.

Thati, driven by a newfound yearning for redemption, enrolled in The Prisoner’s Journey®, our transformative course designed to introduce prisoners to the redeeming power of Christ. It was during this time that he received his very own Bible, a precious possession that would reshape his existence. The impact was profound.

“For the first time in my life, I was not judged, only loved,” Thati marveled, his voice tinged with gratitude.

Through the course, he delved into the depths of mercy and grace, comprehending the sacrificial purpose of Jesus’ death. The concept of unconditional love seeped into his being, igniting a fervent desire to emulate the life of Jesus, who had come to serve as an example.

Today, Thati stands as a testament to redemption, his heart ablaze with a passionate mission to infuse hope into the lives of others. The flame of his living testimony burns incessantly, a beacon of inspiration that he longs to carry to all corners of the earth.

“The thought of what Jesus did for me consumes me,” Thati confessed, his voice resolute.

As he contemplates the countless individuals imprisoned, trapped in cycles of violence, addiction, and despair, he is driven to reach out to them, to share the transformative power of Jesus’ sacrifice. With his release on the horizon, Thati dedicates himself to acquiring a comprehensive understanding of the Gospel. Armed with knowledge, he eagerly awaits the moment when he can soar like an eagle, carrying the message of salvation far and wide.

“I will be ready to fly like an eagle to bring about the message of salvation,” Thati affirmed, his determination unwavering.

His relentless pursuit of knowledge and his fervent desire to spread hope bear testament to the profound transformation that has taken place within his soul.

Help prisoners like Thati find freedom in Christ.