The Child’s Journey®

“I would have Called it Luck”


Opportune’s mother Mujawamariya Goreth is a seamstress and struggles to support them both on her meager income, as her husband is in prison. Goreth wants to give her child everything she needs to thrive—especially a good education. But at Opportune’s current school, she doesn’t get the attention she needs to succeed. Opportune excels in math, but struggles with English, which continues to decline.

“I’d do anything to get my daughter a better education,” says Goreth.

Goreth said this dream seemed impossible until our child sponsorship program recently launched in Rwanda. Goreth and Opportune receive extra support through food, medical care, educational support, and regular visits from a local caseworker to monitor their situation. And when local staff learned Goreth sews school uniforms, they helped her expand her business. This gave Goreth and Opportune the financial boost they needed and, next year, Opportune is enrolling in a new school.

“We no longer feel alone,” says Opportune’s mom. “We have a family. I just see it as a miracle!”

Help a child like Opportune have a brighter future.

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