The Child’s Journey®

LIZA | Cambodia

Liza’s life has been far from easy. Following her father’s imprisonment, her mother couldnot make ends meet and sent Liza to live with her aunt with the hopes that life would be better there. While her aunt has been a source of strength and support, she also struggled to provide Liza with the necessary resources to succeed. It was during this time of uncertainty and worry that The Child’s Journey stepped in.

Since joining the program, Liza’s life has changed drastically. She regularly receives visits and encouragement from her caseworker, who has become her mentor and a role model. Liza also receives much-needed emotional support, food assistance, school assistance, health care and spiritual engagement through the teachings of God’s word. One of the things that brings Liza the most joy is attending church services every Sunday. It gives her a sense of community and belonging that she has never experienced before, especially since being ostracized by many in her community for having an incarcerated parent.

Liza and her aunt are incredibly grateful for the support Liza receives from The Child’s Journey and her sponsor. Despite her difficult circumstances, Liza still dreams of becoming a doctor. She knows it will take a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve her goals, but she is willing to put in the effort. Liza is determined to work hard and make the most of this opportunity. Thanks to the support Liza has received, she is on her way to a future beyond the cycle of crime.