Fighting COVID-19 In Uruguay

Prison Fellowship Uruguay recently received a donation of $500, and with this seed money, they established a hand sanitizing solution production line. The hand sanitizer is available in various scents, including lavender and pine.

Prison Fellowship Uruguay is donating the hand sanitizer products to prisons, as well as selling them at local markets to generate revenue for prison programs. Their long-term strategy is to partner with the Ministry of the Interior to be the supplier of these sanitizing solutions to Uruguay’s prisons.

The partnership will also support the rehabilitation of prisoners as part of Prison Fellowship Uruguay’s Canna Home, a half-way home for recently released, or selected soon-to-be-released prisoners. Established 13 years ago, Canaa Home provides the opportunity for residents to learn to farm and now also the production of sanitizer solutions as they prepare to re-enter their communities. This further reduces recidivism.

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