The Child’s Journey®

From Surviving to Thriving

ETHEL | Malawi

In the bustling streets of Nselema, a humble kitchen once held the dreams of Ethel, a passionate cook hoping to provide for her child despite her husband’s incarceration. Ethel’s specialty? Mandasi – golden, fluffy, and fragrant doughnuts, loved by locals.

Ethel’s culinary skills were unmatched, but her ambitions were confined within the walls of her kitchen. With limited resources, she struggled to expand her mandasi business beyond her neighborhood. That all changed when her child was enrolled in The Child’s Journey and received a monetary gift to support the family. Upon a thorough assessment, Ethel and the caseworker agreed to invest the funds into her mandasi business.

Armed with newfound capital, Ethel transformed her modest kitchen operation into a full-fledged mandasi enterprise. The impact was immediate and profound. With upgraded equipment and ingredients bought in bulk, Ethel’s production skyrocketed. During market days, she makes sure that she triples the number of mandasi she makes to meet the demand.

Ethel’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has earned her a loyal following. Her mandasi has become synonymous with excellence, drawing customers from far and wide.

Ethel’s story demonstrates how The Child’s Journey is dedicated to more than just assisting children, it’s about building a foundation for families to thrive and equip them for self-sufficiency upon their reunification with their incarcerated loved one.