The Sycamore Tree Project®

Torment to Tranquility

DIANA | Colombia

Diana was the victim of domestic violence. When her ex-husband disfigured her face, it took her two months to fully recover. “That day, I felt like I was dying,” she recalled. The physical pain melded with emotional anguish as she faced torment orchestrated by the hands of someone she once trusted.

“I felt helpless because I could not do anything to stop him from hurting me more.”

In those dark moments, as blows rained down upon her, thoughts of her children and parents flickered in her mind. “I felt sadness because I thought I would not see them anymore,” she whispered, her words a poignant testament to the depth of her despair. The damage she experienced was psychological, physical and emotional. Her pain was so intense that she intended to pay to have her ex-husband killed, but seeing a psychologist began to heal her resentment and desire for revenge.

Yet, from the ashes of her suffering, Diana’s resilience arose. “After taking the Sycamore Tree Project, I now understand that to change my life and live in peace, I have to decide to ask for forgiveness and forgive myself,” she said. Throughout her journey of introspection and healing, she found solace in the pursuit of peace.

“I committed myself to change as a person to heal my heart.”

With each step forward, she embraces the light of empathy, yearning not only to rebuild her own life but also to extend a hand to others in need. “I want to study, learn new things,” she proclaimed, her words echoing with the promise of a brighter tomorrow, “and help those in need with good deeds and from the heart.”