The Prisoner’s Journey®

DAVID | Colombia

“I Thought God Would Not Forgive Me

David started using drugs when he was 12-years-old. He grabbed a gun for the first time when he was 14.

“I have hurt so many people—mothers, fathers, and children— that I thought God would not forgive me,” he says.

David went from robbing and murdering to joining an organized crime military group. But all through this, and unbeknownst to him, his mother prayed for him. She prayed he would leave the group and find a program for his rehabilitation.

When David was imprisoned, her prayers were answered. He abandoned the criminal military group, quit being violent, and found an opportunity to change and have a relationship with Christ through The Prisoner’s Journey, our in-prison evangelism and discipleship program.

During the third and fourth weeks of The Prisoner’s Journey, David was compelled to leave the classroom and go ask forgiveness from everyone he had hurt.

He went to his enemies and attackers, and in tears, asked for pardon. He explained to each how the Lord had changed him.

Today, David’s desire is for his entire family to know Jesus.

Help a prisoner like David find hope and healing.


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