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She Has a Reason to Smile Now 

CAMILA | Colombia

Camila’s mother is in prison. While serving her sentence, she was introduced to the Prison Fellowship International’s child sponsorship program and immediately wanted to enroll her two daughters.

Camila is nine-years-old and lives with her father, sister, and grandmother. When she first started attending the activities hosted by the sponsorship program with her grandmother, she was very quiet and reserved—not very affectionate.

But as time passed, and she participated in more workshops and activities through the program, Camila became more interactive, loving, and showed great leadership characteristics.

Colombia is one of the world’s poorest countries; 20 percent of Colombian children do not receive basic education. But though support from the program, Camila not only attends school, she also receives psychological care to help her further succeed in her education and learning process.

Those who work closely with Camila have seen she has a beautiful heart for God.

Help a child, like Camila, change her identity from “child of a prisoner” to “loved by God.” 

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