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I Realized There is No Sin God Cannot Forgive

BHEKISISA | Swaziland

I thank God for revealing Himself clearly to me while in prison and through The Prisoner’s Journey program lessons. They have helped me a lot.

Now I understand who Jesus is. I learned that knowing Him will enable me to talk to Him in confidence.

God gave His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, to die on the cross at Calvary, to bear the punishment for my sins. The knowledge I gained has helped me so much.

I can tell other people about Jesus because I know who He is, His mission, and His calling.

When our teacher taught us about God’s grace, my eyes were opened and I realized there is no sin God cannot forgive if you confess. I received this grace, and I feel peace in my life.

Help other prisoners have the opportunity to learn about who Jesus is, and experience His forgiveness. 

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